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Paphos 2017 European Capital of Culture

The rebirth of our city for the benefit of the present generation and future ones
By making the most of this institution, Pafos can turn over a new leaf, enter a new era and reap the benefits throughout all sectors.

Our city, like every city which receives the title, becomes the centre of European cultural creative activity. With that in mind, the advantages are many and of great importance:
  • The title will strengthen Pafos’ image as a historic town which was inspired by its rich past to build a bright future.
  • It will improve the city’s economy through its international recognition as a high quality cultural and tourist destination.
  • It will lead to the creation of new jobs.
  • It will lead to the development of cultural and other highly needed infrastructure.
  • It will enhance the city’s aesthetics and initiate the search for solutions and improvements.
  • It will bring the city closer to its citizens and the citizens closer to the city.
  • It will create a new European identity that will help revitalise the city and strengthen its international presence.
  • It will restore the links between different cultural and ethnic groups living in its periphery.
  • It will become a bridge of communication and cultural cooperation linking Europe to the wider Eastern Mediterranean.
  • It will receive and offer experiences, actively contributing to the development of European civilization

The European Experience (Palmer report)

  • Every Euro invested in the institution earns back 7 to 10 Euros.
  • Increase in overnight stays by an average of 12% (Liverpool 2008, increase 30%).
  • Increase in job positions by an average of 2.6%.
  • The percentage of high-quality visitors increases by an average of 30%.
  • Significant international promotion of the city (more than 9000 articles and 100 television reports were recorded during Graz 2003).

The dream belongs to everyone.

Become a participant in helping our city.

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