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Coming to Cyprus?
Visiting Pafos (Paphos)?

Beautiful countryside, a cosmopolitan resort, historical sights as well as sporting activities, the Pafos region has something for everyone at any time of year. Paphos is the western part of Cyprus. With excellent weather, beaches, natural beauties, ancient monuments, markets, night life, Pafos has it all!Our hotel members offer specials from time to time for holidays in their hotels in Paphos Cyprus. Paphos is a holidays destination offering everything to its guests. First class hotels, fine weather, ancient monuments, interesting places to visit, shopping, night life, beaches, special interests such as agrotourism, site seeing, wine tours and much more, Paphos has something for everybody. Whether you are seeking active holidays or conbine your relaxing holidays with your pathos for a special interest, Pafos has it all!

If in ancient times Cyprus was the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Pafos was the principal centre of her worship. The tragic poet Euripides, in his work ‘Bacchae’, calls Cyprus the island of Aphrodite: 

…may I reach Cyprus, the Island of Aphrodite, where Erotes, the heart – healers,mingle with the mortals, in Pafos, where the hundred-mouthed ravines of the torrential river bloom.
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