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Entertainment in Paphos

Guaranteed sunshine almost every day of the year is just one of the seasons why you would choose Pafos to indulge in your favorite sport. Whether you just want to play for fun while relaxing in idyllic surroundings, or are a professional athlete looking for winter training, there are facilities for everyone, from football and golf to water sports and hiking.
And since leisure activities do not mean the same thing for everyone, Pafos offers other ways for you to indulge yourself. If shopping is your idea of a fun day out, the bustling shopping centers have everything from local handicrafts to designer labels. If a varied nightlife is what it takes, enjoy a drink or a meal at the numerous bars and restaurants, or dance to the latest rhythms at one of the town’s stylish nightclubs. And after the exertions of the day are done, you can put your feet up and relax in your own comfortable accommodation.
Nothing reveals the spirit of a country more than a market

Pafos Municipal Market

Nothing reveals the spirit of a country more than a market, so make sure you find time to visit one during your stay in Pafos. The main market in the Pafos–Ktima area is the covered municipal market known to the locals as the “Agora”. The market stalls are busy with locals buying their weekly food or essential supplies. Unlike local markets in towns the municipal market is open every day except Sundays.

Fresh Produce from the Municipal Market Many stalls sell fresh produce direct from the countryside, so if you are staying in the Pafos area, you can do your food shopping here with ease. Fresh meat and fish is also on sale, but make sure you bring a cool bag to take it home in during the summer.
Pafos offers many ways for you to indulge yourself

Shopping Areas

Pafos offers many ways for you to indulge yourself. So, if shopping is your idea for a fun day out the shopping areas and shopping centres have anything from local handicrafts to designer labels.

Cypriot purchases include handmade lace, woven curtains and tablecloths, silks, basketwork, pottery, silverware and leather goods. Jewelry is an art which has been practiced on the island since the Mycenean period; craftspeople working in contemporary and traditional styles produce some very fine pieces. Silver spoons and forks are a traditional symbol of Cypriot hospitality. The local wines and brandy also make good purchases. Imported goods sell at competitive prices, including cameras, perfume, porcelain and crystal. Main shopping areas for designer labels is the Nikodemou Mylona street at the main town as well as a few shopping centres at the Ap. Pavlou Avenue

Shopping Hours: Shops are closed Wednesday after 1400 as well as all day Sunday. Otherwise opening hours are 0800-1300 and 1600-1930 (summer, or until 1900 spring and autumn); 0800-1300 and 1430-1800 (winter). On Fridays, shops are generally open until 2000/2030. Shops at the tourist area mainly are open till late night seven days a week.
Pafos has plenty of nightlife.

Paphos Nightlife

Pafos has plenty of nightlife. Night clubs with good live music, discos and a variety of bars are some of the entertainment choices that can be found in all towns and tourist resorts. There is a whole street dedicated to clubs and bars. It is called the entertainment street. It is great for all ages but mostly teens frequent them.

Eating out has become a local habit and is part of entertainment in Pafos -Cyprus. There is a wide variety of restaurants, catering for all tastes. Along with taverns, which provide local and Greek dishes, there are restaurants that offer international cuisine such as French, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Lebanese, Japanese, Russian, Mexican and others.
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