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Mesoyios College

Mesoyios College is a private institution of tertiary education, transformation of the Mesoyios Institute of Career Advancement which leads the vocational training in the hospitality industry of Cyprus since 1998.
Mesoyios College is founded with main aim to provide education opportunities and life-long learning to young people starting their journey of vocational rehabilitation through acquisition of knowledge and skills, to unemployed young people who want expand their options for vocational rehabilitation as well as to unemployed professionals constantly seeking for new vocational knowledge and skills for further development and professional growth. Further, Mesoyios College is founded to provide opportunities through quality education and training to support the wider economic, social and community development.
The college begins its operations in a dynamic and fluid environment which exerts pressure changes in the nature and delivery of services to different customer segments. The main factor driving these changes is the global economic downturn and its impact on curriculum delivery and business services.

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